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Important note: The times of the events are for Munich and in MEZ or MESZ, if applicable !!

May 2016

Day Time (MESZ) Event
06 Fri 21:30 New Moon
09 Mon 13:10-20:40 Mercury transit in front of the Sun, maximum 16:56, sunset 20:43
Mercury with an angular diameter of about 12 arcseconds is too small to be seen with the naked eye in front of the Sun. It can be seen with binoculars or telescopes; PROPER FILTERING MUST BE USED TO AVOID EYE DAMAGE !!!.
13 Fri 19:02 Moon first quarter
14 Sat 22:30 Moon between Regulus and Jupiter
14 Sat 23:10 occultation of star 48 Leo (5.1 mag) by the Moon
16 Mon 02:20 occultation of star 83 Leo (6.5 mag) by the Moon
16 Mon 02:55 occultation of star tau Leo (5.0 mag) by the Moon
21 Sat 23:14 Full Moon, Moon 5 north of Mars
22 Sun 13h Mars in opposition to the Sun
22 Sun 23:30 Moon 2.5 north of Saturn
25 Mon 5h Moon 4 north of Mars (-1.3 mag) and 9 WNW of Saturn (0.2 mag)
29 Sun 14:12 Moon last quarter

Visibility of planets in May:

Mercury: in Aries/Taurus, invisible except transit on 9.5.
Venus: in Aries/Taurus; invisible
Mars: in Scorpius; almost all the night
Jupiter: in Leo; first half of the night
Saturn: in Ophiuchus; almost all the night
Uranus: in Pisces; end of May in the SE morning sky
Neptune: in Aquarius; end of May in the SE morning sky

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