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Important note: The times of the events are for Munich and in MEZ or MESZ, if applicable !!

January 2017

Day Time (MEZ) Event
01 Sun 17:30 Mars (0.9 mag) 18 arcmins northeast of Neptune (7.9 mag)
04 Wed 14h Earth in minimum distance to the Sun (perihelion), 147.1 million km
05 Thu 20:47 Moon first quarter
12 Thu 12:34 Full Moon
12 Thu 14h Venus greatest eastern elongation (47.1)
12 Thu 19h Venus (-4.4 mag) 23 arcmin northwest of Neptune (7.9 mag)
15 Sun 6:15 Moon 1.6 south of Regulus (alpha Leo)
19 Thu 6:45 Moon 1.9 north of Jupiter (-2.1 mag)
19 Thu 11:00 Mercury (-0.2 mag) greatest western elongation (24.1)
19 Thu 23:13 Moon last quarter
24 Tue 6:30 Moon close to Saturn (0.5 mag)
28 Sat 01:07 New Moon
29 Sun 18:15 thin lunar crescent in the W evening sky
31 Tue 18h Moon close to Venus (-4.6 mag) and Mars (1.1 mag)

Visibility of planets in January:

Mercury: in Sagittarius/Capricornus, from 9-23 Jan in the eastern morning sky
Venus: in Aquarius/Pisces; SW evening sky
Mars: in Aquarius/Pisces; SW evening sky
Jupiter: in Virgo; second half of the night
Saturn: in Ophiuchus; SE morning sky
Uranus: in Pisces; W evening sky
Neptune: in Aquarius; SW evening sky

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