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Important note: The times of the events are for Munich and in MEZ or MESZ, if applicable !!

September 2016

Day Time (MESZ) Event
01 Thu 11:03 New Moon, annular solar eclipse in central and east Africa
02 Fri 19h Neptune (7.8 mag) in opposition
03 Sat 20:40 Thin lunar crescent visible, near Venus in the western evening sky
05 Mon 20:42.6 Moon occults star 95 Vir (5.5 mag)
08 Thu 22h Moon 3 north of Saturn
09 Fri 13:49 Moon first quarter
11 Sun 21:58.9 occultation of star V4198 Sgr (6.3 mag) by the Moon
11 Sun 22:41.6 occultation of star HIP 94040 (6.6 mag) by the Moon
15 Thu ca. 21:10-22:00 Moon occults Neptune (7.8 mag)
16 Fri 21:05 Full Moon, penumbral lunar eclipse, maximum (0.93) at 20:55
21 Wed 23:30 Moon 37 arcmin south of Aldebaran (0.9 mag)
22 Thu 00:53.3, 01:12.9 exit of 89 Tau (5.8), sig2 Tau (4.7) at dark lunsr limb
22 Thu 16:21 Autumn equinox
23 Fri 11:56 Moon last quarter
24 Sat at dawn Begin of visibility of Mercury in the eastern morning sky
29 Thu 06:30 thin lunar crescent 2 west of Mercury in the eastern morning sky

Visibility of planets in September:

Mercury: in Leo/Virgo, end of September in the eastern morning sky
Venus: in Virgo; western evening sky
Mars: in Scorpius/Ophiuchus/Sagittarius; southwestern evening sky
Jupiter: in Virgo; invisible
Saturn: in Scorpius; southwestern evening sky
Uranus: in Pisces; almost all the night
Neptune: in Aquarius; almost all the night

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